99 Keys to a Creative Life by Melissa Harris

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Creativity is not just painting or writing; it is stepping outside the way we normally think and looking at a situation from different angles. Author Melissa Harris reminds us that the many small acts we perform on a daily basis can be used to view our lives in a new way. 99 Keys to a Creative Life is divided into three sections for easy reference: - 33 awareness keys (mental, emotional or physical): Awareness practices deepen our ability to know what accelerates our creativity. In this section we become highly aware of subtle things that can either stifle or propel us. - 33 intuitive or heart-based keys: these help to keep us on the creative path. We tune in and make our channel to creativity stronger. -33 spiritual or soul-based keys: ways to apply spirituality or soul-based practices to our creative process. These keys also give the reader ideas on applying spiritual principles to enhance or improve our individual connection to Spirit.
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