Amazonite with Heart - Pendulum

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These beautifully polished hexagonal pendulums are made from amazonite, a stone known for its ability to balance masculine and feminine energies. The attached silvery chain features assorted beads and a heart charm at the end for slip free handling.
A pendulum is one of the best and easiest tools for developing intuitive gifts and skills. It is a weighted object that hangs from string or cord. It is a tool of divination and is used for spiritual guidance, making decisions, answering questions, and cleansing negative energy.
Amazonite is a Throat and Heart Chakra stone. It inspires truth & sincerity & integrity. It will help with communication and eloquent speaking. Amazonite is known as a stone of prophecy. It will assist with intuition, psychic gifts and clairvoyance. It also helps balance yin / yang, masculine / feminine energies. Amazonite will dispel negative energy. It brings a sense and feeling of Universal Love. This crystal also helps protect you from electromagnetic pollution and EMF's.

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