Mystic Coulee Large Shards 10" - 11"

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One 10 inch piece, and one 11 inch piece.
Mystic Coulee is a very rare stone found in a powerful energy Vortex in the Atacama Desert, in Chile. Locals to this area have many mystical experiences. This area in the Atacama Desert is a UFO hotspot, and an energy Vortex here on planet Earth, which is what they believe attracts alien life to it.
Mystic Coulee stone is associated with the Galactic & Spiritual Chakra - so well outside of the physical body. This stone is used to assist with astral travel, shamanic journeying, deep meditation, past life recall, and past life exploration. This stone's energy is believed to work better at night, and also under the full moon. Mystic Coulee will bring feelings of wanting to be outdoors more and with nature.
If you feel you have past lives from other parts of the Universe, this is an excellent stone for exploring that more deeply.

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