Amazonite Skull 2.5in

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Very unique Amazonite crystal Skull. The colouring of this amazonite is one of a kind. Some of the traditional blue-green is on the back of the skull. We can form relationships with crystal skulls, as they download information to us, and also unlock information from within our soul and dna.
Amazonite is a Throat and Heart Chakra crystal, making it a great stone for teaching us to speak truly from our heart - not necessarily what is 'nice', but what we really feel. This stone inspires truth and sincerity. It is a prophetic stone, enhancing psychic skills, clairvoyance, and intuition. It will help us with communication and speaking eloquently. This is a stone of integrity. Amazonite balances masculine and feminine energies. It will dispel negative energy. It brings a sense of universal love. It protects us from electromagnetic pollution.

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