Amazonite with Pyrite Generator $39

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3.5" inch tall, beautiful energy Amazonite and Pyrite Generator, combining the two crystals properties.
Amazonite is a Throat and Heart Chakra stone. It inspires truth & sincerity & integrity. It will help with communication and eloquent speaking. Amazonite is known as a stone of prophecy. It will assist with intuition, psychic gifts and clairvoyance. It also helps balance yin / yang, masculine / feminine energies. Amazonite will dispel negative energy. It brings a sense and feeling of Universal Love. This crystal also helps protect you from electromagnetic pollution and EMF's.
Pyrite is a stone that resonates with the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras, It is also known as fool's gold because during the gold rush, people would often mistake it for gold. It is now known to prevent one from being a fool and enhances our perception, intelligence, logic, creativity and mental stability. It improves memory, our capacity to learn. It is a very powerful protective stone that protects against negativity. It is a stone that increases our optimism and is a stone of practicality and helps to see the truth behind words. It also aids with psychic development, channelling, meditation and divination.

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