Amber Calcite Tumble

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Amber Calcite is a stone that opens and aligns the Sacral, Third Eye, Root, Crown Chakras. Amber calcite and honey calcite are virtually the same crystal & often interchanged. This is a stone of power, that increases motivation, helping us to reach our goals and take action. It is a healing stone that instills confidence, amplifies energy and third eye psychic abilities and activates kundalini. It connects to Earth energy matrix and assists with past life recall. This stone helps release feelings of lack or deprivation. Amber Calcite connects us with feelings of the Divine Perfection of the Universe and pulls Divine and Angelic energy into the body. This stone helps us move through change, and create new beginnings and calms an over-anxious mind & helps with deep meditation. It assists with creating a healthy immune system. Amber Calcite counteracts effects of immune deficiency

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