Amethyst Cluster $144

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Beautiful Amethyst cluster with Quartz points growing on the amethyst. 8 inches by 7 inches. Amethyst will help alleviate our phobias and fears, bring peace and calm, assist us with releasing hurtful habits and addictions, and teach us more about spiritual awareness as we move deeper into our learning, and more!
Quartz activates all chakras and is associated with all astrological signs. This crystal clears karmic history, increases psychic / intuitive skills, helps us find our purpose or feel purpose-full. Quartz unlock memories within the soul, helps with concentration. This is the keystone of healers. Quartz amplifies other stones. It attunes to the vibration of the person being healed. On this cluster, growing with the Amethyst, it will amplify the amethyst properties. Quartz attracts angels, offers spiritual guidance, reduces stress. This crystal strengthens the immune system and kidneys. It assists with sleeping well.

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