Amethyst Orgonite Pendant Necklace

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Amethyst Orgonite point with black silk cord necklace.

Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone. It is a wonderful protector - you can use it to protect your person, and your property (bury 4 pieces in the four corners of your property, or put 4 pieces inside the four corners of your apartment). It transmutes negative energy to positive energy. It is a calming stone, reducing stress. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness. It helps with addictions and sobriety - known as the stone of sobriety. It helps remove blocks, brings emotional balance. It dispells fear, anxiety, anger and rage. It promotes a love of the divine. It brings spiritual insight. It is a crystal that encourages selflessness.

How to Use Orgonite  Simply placing orgonite in your home will do a lot to balance the energies and the energy flow inside it.  If you have an area of your home or office that feels “off” or you feel tired, place orgonite in this area in order to improve its energy.  Orgone can be placed under your bed or on your nightstand. Electrical appliances can create chaotic energy.  Place orgonite next to or on top of devices such as computers, refrigerators, clock radios, televisions and cordless phones. For maximum effectiveness, make sure that your orgonite pieces are distributed as evenly as possible in your home. A popular practice is to grid all four corners of a room or a house with orgonite, ensuring maximum coverage. Or, the person can wear orgonite in the form of pendants, or can carry orgone in a purse or pocket as a great way to take positive energy with you wherever you go. Flat orgone circles can also be applied to cell phones to reduce harmful emissions.

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