Amethyst Pendulum with Flower of Life

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Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone. It is a wonderful protector - you can use it to protect your person, and your property (bury 4 pieces in the four corners of your property, or put 4 pieces inside the four corners of your apartment). It transmutes negative energy to positive energy. It is a calming stone, reducing stress. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness. It helps with addictions and sobriety - known as the stone of sobriety. It helps remove blocks, brings emotional balance. It dispels fear, anxiety, anger and rage. It promotes a love of the divine. It brings spiritual insight. It is a crystal that encourages selflessness.
The Flower of Life symbolizes the values, truths, and mysteries that are inherent in life. It is a signifier for mother nature herself. It signifies that everything around us comes from a seed just as everything in our body and on earth has a seed of life. It also represents love, life, and the power of creation. It is at the heart of all life on Earth—including you!
This pendulum is unique because you can unclasp the chain and use as a bracelet while also using the amethyst as a pendant.

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