Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray

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The Angel Guide Oracle acts as a bridge between heaven and Earth, bringing together 44 images of guardian angels with insightful, supportive, and healing angel messages to strengthen your communication and open your heart to their messages of love.

The accompanying oracle card guidebook explains how to attune to the cards, conduct angel readings for yourself as well as for others, and how to interpret and work with card spreads.

Example cards include:
Angelic Protection
Ask and Receive
Blessings and Abundance
Inner Child Healing
Trust the Universe
Signs and Reminders...and more!

“The angels have been standing faithfully by, recording our life and evolution, waiting for the moment when we open up in spiritual practice to receive from them, and they will be delighted to send us messages, signs, and reminders of their love.

Our angels will never judge or abandon us. They see us through the eyes of love, with complete compassion. They want to help us be happy and live with purpose.

Allow The Angel Guide Oracle to help you benefit from the spiritual support that is with you now ... and always.”

Kyle Gray

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