Angel Wing Calcite

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Beautiful Angel Wing Calcite specimen! 4" x 3.5" x 4"
Angel Wing Calcite is a Crown Chakra crystal. Of all of the calcites, it is the most spiritual, and the highest vibration. This stone will fill the crown chakra with light. It assists the holder with connecting with the Angelic Realm, guides and ancestors. Angel Wing Calcite will help us in working with the Angels for healing. It is a powerful amplifier, a cleanser of energy, it clears negative energy, and increases your energy. This stone will speed your development and enhance your personal and spiritual growth. It is a highly spiritual stone, and will help to open higher awareness. It enhances psychic abilities, and helps with channelling. Angel Wing Calcite is a stone of emotional intelligence and helps to develop that is those working with it. It is a giver of hope, it will improve your motivation, calms the mind, improves the memory and is helpful to study with. This is a crystal of serenity that teaches you to trust yourself more.

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