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Angelite is a stone that resonates with Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It is a stone best known for aiding in communication with angels, spirit guides, and other higher vibrational beings. It helps with astral travel, accessing our higher selves, facilitating telepathy and psychic channelling. This stone inspires creativity, and is excellent for self-expression, communication, and enhancing inner guidance. It turns fear into faith, dispelling anger and anxiety. It is helpful in gaining conscious awareness, making conscious, that, which is subconscious. It promotes healing, compassion, and assists with re-birthing. It brings about feeling states of peace and tranquility.
Angelite is a form of anhydrate that is blue. It is not a common mineral as it easily alters to the much more common mineral gypsum from the addition of water to its chemical structure. (This is fair warning not to put these stones in water and perhaps even to store them with silica gel) The name anhydrite literally translates to without water (Ari Hydra)

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