Aquamarine & Morganite - Chip Bracelet

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Aquamarine is a stone that resonates with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It is known as the "stone of eternal youth," giving skin a fresh appearance and helping to maintain a healthy physical body. It instills courage when needed, emotional and intellectual stability and feelings of tranquility. It is a very rejuvenating stone that helps to attune to a higher vibration. It is a protection stone that stabilizes and shields your aura. It strengthens the connection to one's higher self and allows one to travel deep within the self and increase spiritual awareness. It is recommended to carry this stone while travelling.

Morganite is known to be attuned to the heart and heart chakra. It attracts abundance of Love into one’s life, Divine Love and healing. It will help release a heartbreak and is emotionally nourishing going through grief and sorrows. 
Morganite Heart Chakra
Also called pink beryl - a stone of pure loving energies that help to cleanse and activates your heart centre bringing love into your life. This stone opens the flow of loving thoughts that lead to action and reverence for all of life
-helping you to act from love and speak from your heart. Helps to better communicate with angels.
Helps with having compassion, empathy, self control, and patience. Physically used for support
in healing emphysema, tuberculosis, heart disease, breathing problems, and throat problems.

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