Astrophyllite Raw Pieces $17

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Astrophyllite is a crystal that resonates with the Soul Star and all other chakras. It helps find one's true soul purpose, and illuminates your true self, infusing one's entire system with light. It contains powerful transformative energy and facilitates MAJOR CHANGE that propels one to their next phase in life QUICKLY. It helps to develop one's capacity for honesty. It encourages self-love, self acceptance, and self-confidence. It helps to resolve guilt and or any other negative emotions associated with one's own past actions. It is excellent for those on the path of self knowledge and self awareness. It brings about feelings of peace and tranquility. This stone energizes and aligns all of the chakras, however particularly strong with the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakras. It assists with Astral Travel and Shamanic Journeying and is a great stone for psychic protection.

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