Aventurine Aura Points / Generators

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Aura quartz crystal are created by bonding different precious metals with quartz and other crystals at high temperatures, creating new aura crystals. Angel Aura Aventurine has done this process with a combination of platinum and silver, creating beautiful rainbows on the green Aventurine crystal.

Aventurine Aura is a Heart Chakra crystal. It stimulates lavishness, prosperity and growth. It opens a floodgate of bounty. The prosperity of abundance found in Aventurine is just amplified by the aura treatment. This crystal will help to grown and expand anything it touches or comes in contact with or that you combine it with. It is a high vibration crystal. This stone will help you handle life's changes with more ease. It can assist with making contact with elemental beings. It helps with blood pressure and the physical heart. It is an anti-inflammatory stone. It calms anger and will remove electromagnetic smog. It will reinforce and enhance leadership qualities.

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