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Root, Third Eye & Crown Chakra. Black Jade encourages us to explore our vulnerabilities and the Shadow Self. It will help us to work through all of this in a healthy way that brings it all into the Light. It will help us shift subconscious, incorrect beliefs that we have carried around all of our lives - beliefs that are not helping us, but hindering us. It is a protective stone that will assist us with healing issues connected with trauma and PTSD. An excellent crystal for shamanic journeys, trance work, and meditation. It will help our spiritual journey to mature. It is a calming, soothing stone, and will help us to not be overtaken by our emotions and emotional reactions, instead helping us to respond. Black Jade will help us identify where we are choosing long-term stress in our lives, and help us move towards more peace. This stone will help us if we are patient with the process of choosing serenity in our lives, and learning how to make different choices. Black Jade is a stone of honest self reflection.
Thulite, also known as Rosaline. This crystal is a Heart, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra stone. It helps us view the world with love, and helps us speak in front of large groups and crowds. This stone brings an eloquence in speech. It assists us with building rapport and to build one on one connections with others. This stone helps alleviate shyness. It brings a passion for living, contentment, joy and happiness. This stone will help us on the journey to give and receive love and compassion. It is a physically healing stone, regenerating the body.

Thulite will bring a great deal of love and self compassion to the energy of Black Jade and of working on ourselves, exploring the Shadow Self, and choosing change and peace in our lives.

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