Bloodstone Runes

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Bring new energy to your divination, magic, and meditation practices with runes. Discover the unique power of these sacred runic symbols—the magical language of the northern gods. Carved into bloodstone (Heliotrope), these exquisite runes are magical as well as beautiful.

Bloodstone is a Root Chakra crystal. It brings abundance, good fortune, organization, generosity, creativity, and is grounding. This stone will help bring us into alignment energetically, and in our lives. Bloodstone helps us improve our intuition, while also protecting us and grounding. Bloodstone helps energy to move and flow. It is a stone of purification, idealism and courage. Bloodstone can help us to be more streetwise. It is calming, it assists with making concise decisions, reduces impatience, helps us adjust to change and is a stone of selflessness and idealism.

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