Blue Lace Agate Sphere 2.5in - $233

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Blue Lace Agate spheres are very difficult to obtain. Their cost is reflective of the difficulty there is in finding large pieces of Blue Lace to carve from. This stone is in Tracey's top 5 favourite stones of all time.

Throat Chakra. Pisces. This stone is a throat healer. It assists with speaking our truth, and bringing confidence to our voice. A calm, peaceful stone, bringing a feeling of tranquility, while offering a sense of hope, and unity. It is a cleansing stone, bringing purification. Bringing feelings of joy, it also helps to clearly express our emotions while connecting with them. Calming anger, it brings a smoother flow of energy in our spirit and body. Like all agates it brings a deeper feeling of connection and appreciation for Nature.  

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