Buddha Notes ***CLEARANCE***

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A beautifully illustrated card set containing 60 notes of divine Buddha-wisdom. Each Buddha Note conveys a unique and loving message direct from Buddha. Pick a note daily and contemplate on the message that it carries for you. Share the second set with friends and family. Each note can be personalized with a message on the back. 60 cards, 2 cards per design. Elegantly packaged in a square metal box. Makes a great gift. Use of these cards:

  • Pick a card at random each day for your dose of daily inspiration.
  • Tuck a soul note in a friend’s purse.
  • Send a Buddha note in a card or letter to someone.
  • Invite your guests to pick a card at a group gathering.
  • Use these cards at a trade show, workshop or classroom discussion.
  • Great tool for life coaches, teachers and inspirers.

Size: 3.25″ x3.25″ Made in Canada

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