Buddhist Meditation for Beginners CD's by Jack Kornfield

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Known for bringing "insight" meditation to the West and for his many best-selling books, including A Path with Heart (over 100,000 copies in print), Jack Kornfield now offers a collection of his most popular teachings with Buddhist Meditation for Beginners. Specially designed gift set includes four complete audio learning courses: The Beginner's Guide to Buddhism Jack Kornfield illuminates Buddhism's most essential teachings, and how they make it possible to overcome challenging mental states such as fear, confusion, and anger. Meditation for Beginners Comprehensive introduction to the vipassana ("insight") practice of meditation to cultivate a profound inner calm and awaken to the truth. Exercises include four complete meditations. Meditations of the Heart Step-by-step meditations cast light on Buddhism's cornerstone, the Four Noble Truths. These meditations take less than ten minutes each to practice; yet will take you to the heart of essential Buddhist teachings on opening to the truth, forgiveness, fearlessness, and more. The Beginner's Guide to Forgiveness drawing from his background in meditation and psychology, Jack Kornfield reveals the path to forgiveness and the way out of our pain. Jack Kornfield's best-selling meditation programs present him at his best: engaging, intelligent, helpful and easy to follow.

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