Carnelian Mala

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Carnelian is a Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra crystal. It is an emotionally protective stone, that is grounding and energetic. It calms negative emotions, brings a love of life. It encourages creativity and removes a fear of mortality. Carnelian offers courage, brings about positive choices and motivates you towards your own success. It encourages self trust, and trusting your own intuition. It will help turn daydreams into reality. It reminds you to stay grateful, and it will help keep you in the flow of universal Abundance.
Mala beads are used in Buddhism, Hinduism and in spiritual, meditative and prayer practices. They are similar to the Catholic practice of prayer beads. Traditionally there are 108 prayer beads plus one bead will often be added to bring the mala together - this last bead is known as the "Guru bead". Malas are created in groups of 27 prayer beads - so a mala with just 27 beads is used to attain spiritual progress. Hold the mala with one hand, draping it across the other, so that your fingers are on the beads. Take a breath, exhale, say your mantra (prayer, intention statement), move to the next bead and repeat. Sometimes people will just do the breath, with no mantra.

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