Citrine with Ganesha - Pendulum

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This beautifully polished hexagonal pendulum is made from citrine, a stone known for its ability to clarify thoughts and build self-worth. The attached silvery chain features assorted beads and a Ganesha charm at the end for slip free handling. Together they infuse the pendulum with the energies of citrine and the attributes of Ganesha. SYMBOL: Ganesha is the lord of Wisdom, Intelligence, education, prudence, and luck and fortune. He is the remover of obstacles. His pot belly signifies the bounty of Nature and also that Ganesha swallows the sorrows of the Universe and protects the world.

Citrine is a wonderful Solar Plexus Chakra crystal. It is a stone of generosity, happiness, creativity, protection, and strength. It will help to align your chakras. It brings stability, confidence, energy, truth and an enjoyment of life. This stone promotes spirituality. It is a stone of prosperity and balance.They say a business should keep a cluster of this right near their cash till or where they do financial transactions for good luck and prosperity.

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