Cognac Obsidian Tumbled

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Cognac Obsidian is a reconstituted obsidian, which means that they melt the volcanic glass (obsidian) down, in order to create the different colours. It is genuine obsidian, but has been worked with to create the vibrant colour.
Cognac Obsidian is an Earth Star, Sacral, and Root Chakra crystal. It is more gentle than Black Obsidian. It will anchor your chakra system. It helps you to expand and grow your will power. Like all Obsidians, it is a very powerful stone. It will release imbalances and negativity. It is supportive during change. It will also protect against negativity. It will remove unloving thoughts, it increases psychic abilities, and urges personal growth. Cobalt Obsidian will help break through emotional blockages and ancient traumas. It brings clarity, promotes compassion and helps develop more strength of character.

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