I Am a Kindness Hero by Jennifer Adams

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I Am a Kindness Hero follows the adventures of a young boy as he practices kindness throughout his day, from rescuing a puppy to standing up to bullies to helping his young sister tie her shoe. The book celebrates gentleness and vulnerability in boys, and shows that true strength and leadership come from treating those around you with love and respect.

Kindness comes in many forms, which we see throughout the book, including taking care of the Earth, listening to others, being happy when someone else wins, and that it's often more important to be kind than to be right.

A standalone book, I Am a Kindness Hero also serves as a companion to I Am a Warrior Goddess, by the same author and illustrator, which inspires strength, leadership, and empowerment in young girls. I Am a Warrior Goddess has sold 25K copies since its release in Spring 2018.

I Am a Kindness Hero brings parents, teachers, and childcare providers a beautiful picture book that introduces a new kind of role model for boys.
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