Rose Aura Quartz Point / Generator

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All Aura quartz's are real crystals, that have been coated with different metals - silver, gold, titanium and platinum - to create different colours and energy when heated at high temperatures, so that the metal bonds with the crystal. Rose Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz (sometimes rose Quartz) treated with platinum.
This crystal resonates with all Chakras. It is highly attuned to working with the Heart. It will instill a sense of loving kindness. It helps heal emotional trauma, aids in enhancing forgiveness, and helps with recovering from any type of abuse - on all levels. Rose Aura Quartz can help find tactful ways to communicate during difficult situations. It transmutes deeply held doubts about self worth into feelings of worth and self love. It brings powerful connection to Universal Love. It will enhances psychic abilities and attune you to your spiritual purpose. This crystal provides emotional, cellular and multi-dimensional cellular memory healing.

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