World Magic Ganesha Candle 4.5"

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Ganesha is a Hindu deity lovingly known as the elephant god. He represents the call to spiritual awakening and power. He teaches us to balance our mind, to be strong enough to handle the tides of our external world, and gentle enough to explore the realms of our inner world.
His message is: Spiritual perfection comes when we use reason and knowledge to temper our emotions and cut our attachments so we can be of this world without being affected by it.
Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and is prayed to before any venture for success and wisdom. Even though his hands are very busy he always has one available to bestow blessings on anyone who asks.
Size: 2" x 4.5" Burn Time: 40 hours in appropriate candle holder
Color: Vibrant pink
Scent: Sweet date, tangerine and bergamot

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