Green Aventurine Triquetra Celtic Pendant 1.5"

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Beautiful Green Aventurine Triquetra. A Triquetra is a traditional Celtic symbol that connects deeply with the power of 3 - a very powerful number in almost all societies and religions. Because it is a type of Celtic Knot it is associated with eternity and immortality. In Celtic tradition, because of the 3, it is also associated with the Triple Goddess (Maiden / Mother/ Crone).

Green Aventurine is a Heart Chakra stone. It helps you to handle life's changes and challenges with more ease. It can help you make contact with elemental beings. Aventurine will calm anger, it reinforces leadership qualities, it is a stone of good luck and prosperity - helping you to manifest money. Aventurine also removes electromagnetic smog and EMF's. Physically, it helps blood pressure and the physical hea

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