Blue Scheelite / Lapis Lace Onyx Crystal Skull 1.5"

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1.5 inch Blue Scheelite Crystal Skull.
Lapis Lace Onyx, also known as Blue Scheelite, is a rare stone, found only in Turkey. It is an Tungsten ore, which is a rare earth metal, making this an extremely rare find. A Throat, Crown and Root Chakra crystals, it is a combination of Calcite and Dolomite. It assists us with seeing the Big Picture in life, with clarity and understanding. It brings non-judgement about life and inspiration for life. It will help us to connect to a more nurturing community. It is a very grounding, protective, balancing stone. It will assist with processing things on a mental level with more honesty, a healthy outlook, and bring better communication. This stone will help you speak your truth. It cleanses the mind and thoughts - purifying us of old patterns and beliefs. This crystal brings a feeling of lightness, less stress and more happiness. Lapis Lace Onyx will help us to connect on a deeper level with our Highest Self, angels, guides, elementals, spirits, passed loved ones, and any other higher dimension be

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