Cobalt Blue Obsidian Tumbled large

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Cobalt Blue Obsidian is a reconstituted obsidian, which means that they melt the volcanic glass (obsidian) down, in order to create the different colours. It is genuine obsidian, but has been worked with to create the vibrant colour. Cobalt Blue Obsidian is a Third Eye and Root Chakra crystal. It will help with pets who are scatterbrained and assists children with concentration - so also children with ADHD. It is a natural pain reliever, which helps with destressing, and it brings peace and calm. It offers psychic self protection. Cobalt blue obsidian will assist with astral travel, helps us to prioritize a busy schedule, increases self control, helps us to see ourselves truthfully and releases imbalanced. It is a very powerful stone, as are all obsidians. It will assist with releasing negativity, dispelling negativity, protecting against negativity, and is supportive during change. Cobalt Blue Obsidian increases psychic abilities, urges personal growth, and brings clarity. This stone helps build more strength of character in the individual.

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