Crushed Crystal Chips - Jadeite 100 gram

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114 gram bag of Jadeite. Perfect for making orgonite, sprinkling into plants, using in art projects etc.

Jadeite is a Heart, Root, and Sacral Chakra stone. There are two types of pure Jade, the most common, being Nephrite Jade and the other, Jadeite which is the rarer of the two. Jadeite is and was especially valued in China throughout history for its health-strengthening abilities and fortune bringing properties. It is an abundance stone and is said to bring wealth, prosperity, and good luck and good fortune. When carved as deities, jadeite is known to bring protection and good fortune. This stone improves longevity and facilitates a peaceful sleep. It is considered a dream stone that assists with dream recall and interpretation. This stone assists with manifestation for its abilities to align one to "Source" or "God." This stone is known for its pain relieving capabilities and helps with harmonizing relationships.

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