Crushed Crystal Chips - Citrine 100 gram

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100gram bag of Citrine. Perfect for making orgonite, sprinkling into plants, using in art projects etc.

Citrine is a wonderful Solar Plexus Chakra crystal. It is a stone of generosity, happiness, creativity, protection, and strength. It will help to align your chakras. It brings stability, confidence, energy, truth and an enjoyment of life. This stone promotes spiritual. It is a stone of prosperity and balance.They say a business should keep a cluster of this right near their cash till or where they do financial transactions for good luck and prosperity.

When you see bright citrine such as this, know that the yellow and brighter citrines are heat-treated, often amethyst that's been heat treated. If you find bright citrine, and when you ask someone says it is "natural citrine", I would beg to differ. They may think it is, and may not be familiar with crystals and the heat treating process, but all of the bright citrine has been manipulated - either natural citrine that has been heat treated, or amethyst. We do have tumbled Natural Citrine in stock usually, along with other Natural Citrine products.

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