Libyan Desert Glass

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Libyan Desert Glass is an "Impactite" - meaning it was created by a meteorite impact, 25 million years ago, in the Sahara Desert - western Egypt and eastern Libya. It is mainly composed of lechatelierite. Also known as Great Sea Sand Glass or Libyan Gold Tektite.
Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Sacral, Root & Earth Star Chakra.
Libyan Desert Glass is a strong grounding stone - pulling energy down into the Earth to be rooted and grounded - the Earth Star Chakra. This stone will unlock your best potential qualities and move you forward on your path. You personal will, and personal power will be infused greatly with energy, revitalizing your own personal power. This crystal can initiate a rebirthing. Expect more self control, and willful decision making. This crystal assists with your own evolution and ascension. Because it is combined with star material / space rock, this stone is excellent for communicating with interstellar lifeforms. Pieces are $50 - $90 + hst (in this photo, least expensive at bottom, moving up to the $90 ones at the top).
*purchases of moldavite and libyan desert glass are final sales*

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