Lemurian Quartz Vogel Wand 12-sided 2.75"

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12 sided Vogel-like wand. True Vogels are made by one of 3 people (Vogel himself, or one of his 2 trained craftsman). Real Vogels are extremely expensive, rare and always come with paperwork and are not easily obtained.
Vogel and Vogel-like wands have a very precise vibratory signature. They have specially created, indented facets with specific angles down the sides of the Quartz or other stone, wands, and they can vary in the number of faces. The shorter fatter end is female and draws pranic energy which is amplified as it spirals through the facets and faces. The longer thinner end is male and transmits energy out in a strongly focused laser-like beam. Vogels are excellent for connecting the chakras, removing attached entities and removing negativity. They detect and reflect energy blockages and strongly cohere the energy fields around and within the body.
Lemurian Quartz is a special variety of quartz, found only in a specific area of Brazil. It is a Crown Chakra crystal, believed to have been programmed by the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Each crystal carries a unique message. Lemurian Quartz gently urges us to open our hearts to become a part of the magnificent grid of light. They assist us in reaching high meditative states. When they are in laser formation they are extremely powerful hands-on healing tools. They are primarily feminine in their nature and assist in accessing the Divine compassionate love of oneness. Lemurians are powerfully beautiful, protective, sweet and wise.

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