Herkimer Diamond Earrings Studs Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver 925 Herkimer Diamond Earrings Studs.
Only from Herkimer New York, it is a type of Quartz that often contains oil, carbon and other mineral inclusions. They form in beautiful natural diamond points. It is one of the oldest quartz on the planet, slowly formed underwater hundreds of millions of years ago.
Herkimer Diamonds are attuned to all Chakras. They contain ancient wisdom. They will assist you with breaking old patterns and with soul retrieval. They unite the body, mind and spirit into an integrated, conscious whole. Herkimer Diamonds are a crystal of powerful transmutation and purification. Herkimer Diamond protects against electromagnetic smog and EMF's. It is a detoxifying crystal, and it brings environmental healing. Herkimer Diamonds are at a very high vibration, and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy, great for all types of healing, meditation, dream & vision work, and advanced spiritual practices.

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