My Little Angel Notes ***CLEARANCE***

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A beautifully illustrated card set containing 60 notes of encouragement and inspiration for the little angels in our lives. Each card has a beautiful picture that kids will relate to, together with an encouraging message. Back of the card has space to write your personal message. Suitable for kids aged 3+, or of reading age.

A great gift for a mum, dad, grandparent or a teacher. 60 cards, 2 cards per design. Elegantly packaged in a square metal box.

Use of these cards: Tuck a Little Angel note into a child’s pocket or shoe, or in their school bag or lunch box. Place a Little Angel note into a pencil case, or onto a pillow at bedtime. Great to use as a bookmark too. Useful tool for anyone who works with children: teachers, facilitators, schools and special needs workers.

Card Size: 3.25" 3.25" Made in Canada

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