Orgonite Red Jasper & Natural Inclusions Skull A 2"

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Beautiful One of a Kind Orgonite Skull, handcrafted with crystals, copper and natural plant inclusions. This skull includes Red Jasper, Copper, White Daisies and Red Mini-Rose. Enjoy all of that natural healing.
Orgonite is a powerful protectors against harmful electro-magnetic radiation frequencies that surround us, from laptops, mobile devices, wifi routers and other electronic devices.
Frequent exposure to EMF’s can cause anything from fatigue to low energy, stress to anxiety, headaches, exhaustion, tension, sleeping problems, irritability, and lack of concentration.
Red Jasper is an excellent Root Chakra stone. All Jaspers are known as the "Supreme Nurturer". It is a stone that brings relaxation, contentment, compassion, tranquility, while consoling and nurturing us and calming emotions. It brings feelings of completion and helps us to bring things to completion. Red Jasper will sustain us during stressful situations. Red Jasper absorbs negative energy, and is very protective. It is a stone that encourages self honesty, quick thinking, and organizational skills. It will bring action from ideas, putting things in motion. Red Jasper neutralizes electromagnetic pollution.

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