Popcorn Rock Kit

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This is a super cool, super fun kit for kids or adults to do! You put this in a bowl or pan, add vinegar, add time and watch the crystals form - they are beautiful. There is a second photo for you to click in this listing to show what the final outcome looks like. Super fun!!!
Popcorn Rock is a naturally occurring mineral found in the Great Basin of the Western United States. The sedimentary mineral (Dolomite) grows unique white crystals (Aragonite) when placed in a bowl with distilled white vinegar. Growing time is 1-3 weeks. Great gift for the science enthusiast!
Aragonite is a Root and Earth Chakra stone. It brings emotional and mental stability. It is a crystal of Truth and Understanding. It assists with clear perception and seeing things correctly. Aragonite is grounding and helps us to center. It alleviates stress, assists us with preparing for meditation and stabalises spiritual development. It brings tolerance and flexibility. It provides insight into the true roots of problems and situations. It teaches patience and acceptance. This crystal is an Earth-healer, and encourages healing the environment.

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