Smoky Quartz Generator $58

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4.75" This is a very uniquely shaped piece of Smoky Quartz - very unique, beautiful cut. The crystal itself has excellent clarity! Smoky Quartz is a Root Chakra crystal. It neutralizes negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. Extremely grounding and protective stone. It helps us to reach our goals - both personal and business. This stone encourages group cooperation. It brings creativity, wisdom, prosperity and abundance. Smokey quartz is considered to be very good luck. It relieves depression, lifts moods, relieves stress, anger and fear. It brings a feeling of serenity.
Smoky Quartz is Tracey's favourite crystal of all the crystals, and has been for a great many years now. What Tracey loves about this crystal, is how it helps her to shift how she receives other people's energy. It's not about protecting her from perceived "negative energy" - it is about shifting how she receives and perceives that energy in the first place, helping her to become more accepting of different types of behaviour and energy. Smoky Quartz is one of Tracey's greatest teachers.
The Rutilations add extra qualities to this piece. Rutilations are protective, they bring determination, will power, self control, self reliance, spiritual growth, soul illumination. They cleanse the aura. Rutilations help us let go of the past. They draw off negative energy and facilitate transition. It will help with any and all change. This is an anti-depressant. It releases fears, and anxiety, while bringing feelings of forgiveness.

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