Spiritual Power of Empathy by Cyndi Dale

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This book offers a new vision of clairempathy, or how we energetically connect through our empathic abilities.
This is not one capacity as it's often defined, but a collection of gifts, which the author breaks down as the six empathic types (physical, emotional, mental, natural, spiritual, and shamanic). Within each of these empathic styles you may use one or several psychic skills, known as the "clairs." She explains how these play a role in our personal empathic abilities and in discovering where our natural inclinations lie within the six types.
Part I offers a foundational understanding for empathy along with a quiz that helps readers determine where their natural empathic strengths lie before diving into Part II. The second section guides reader in applying this knowledge to life experience, including relationships, work, raising empathic children, and healing the self and others.

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