Yoga Over 50 by Mary Stewart

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As our bodies begin to show the signs of daily wear and tear, and workout programs which once seemed effective no longer meet our changing needs, yoga can be the ideal exercise. Low impact and non-competitive, invigorating rather than exhausting, and with an emphasis on keeping the body supple and the mind relaxed and focused, the ancient discipline of yoga can be practiced at any time of life. The programs in Yoga Over 50 feature: * Step-by-step descriptions of yoga positions for active and resting poses * Programs suited to varying degrees of fitness, experience, and flexibility * Exercises to relieve specific problems, including headache, stiffness, and insomnia Whether you're looking for an alternative to more strenuous exercise, or a gentle yet efficient way to stay fit, Yoga Over 50 will enable you to reach new levels of physical vitality and mental clarity.
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