About Us


Tracey Rogers is the owner of White Feather Holistic Arts. She is a licensed and certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (Canadian Reiki Association). Tracey offers classes for Reiki Levels I, II & III (Master). Tracey studied under Dr. Annelle Henson in Arizona, becoming a Reiki Master in 2008. Tracey has been assisting women and men on their own healing journeys since 2012 when the doors to White Feather opened.


A psychic intuitive, Tracey offers tarot readings to give guidance with your life direction, goals, relationships, career etc. Tracey's specialty with Tarot is assisting you with identifying your blocks to healing and your blocks to achieving your greatest life. 


Tracey has been working with Shamanic studies and teaching since 2011. Her first exposure to Shamanic work was in 2008 in Arizona. Her studies have mainly been under the guidance of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Combining her knowledge of Reiki, sound healing, Louise Hay's teachings, Shamanic work, Tuning Forks, energy work, and a very successful personal journey to wellness, Tracey holds out her hand, and offers the tools that assisted her on her own journey, to assist you on yours. In her own life, Tracey healed severe PTSD, chronic depression, addiction, and mental imbalance. It is through a commitment to self love, self compassion, and wellness that Tracey was able to find and maintain peace, balance, and health for many years now.


When creating White Feather Holistic Arts, Tracey's vision was to create community - a community committed to finding compassion, kindness, healing and wellness. Tracey envisioned others finding a safe space to express themselves and to join others on the same path to peace. White Feather Holistic Arts is a collection of the healing modalities that Tracey used in the healing of her own life and continues to use to maintain balance and peace. Tracey's goal with White Feather is to offer you a variety of holistic practices, teachings, and items to assist you on your own healing journey.


Tracey is in long term Recovery from drugs and alcohol and believes strongly in helping to lift the stigma associated with Recovery. Tracey has appeared on “The Life Story Project”, an Oprah Network national TV show, to tell her story, as well as numerous speaking engagements on Windsor radio over the years.


Tracey is a writer, a poet and an artist. She has published one book in 2011, Becoming the Rainbow, a collection of her poetry from that time period. Tracey is currently in the process of getting ready her second book, Motorcycles, Moose & Magic: The Ride to Self Love. This novel tells the story of what she healed and how, set within the framework of the Women Riders World Relay - the largest motorcycle relay ever.
We at White Feather acknowledge that Windsor Ontario and White Feather is found on the traditional territory of the Attawandaron (Neutral), Anishnaabeg, and Haudenosauonee peoples. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties.