December 17th 2021, Get Out of My Energy Field!


   *Artist Unknown, I would love to give credit if I can find them.



Recently, I had a friend come into the shop, visibly upset and at her wits end, because she felt the presence of an ex all around her, around her home, and around her child. She said she'd done everything she can think of to get rid of his energy and it wasn't working - he was invading her space with his energy, she said. Every fiber of her being felt that he was projecting his energy into her life. After, she went on to tell me about some of his behaviour and what he'd done, and how he'd been in her life years ago, and she let him back in, a second time.

Stop, right there.

This story isn't about him, and it's not about what he did or didn't do. I asked her right then, "Did you have red flags, like a gut feeling that he had the potential to be the same way he used to be?". Yes.

If we want to take control of the energy in our own lives, how we are feeling, and what we feel around us, it can't be a story about what other people are doing. Because we can't control what other people are doing - that story leaves us powerless, with no control at all.

The story that makes us powerful, empowered, and in control, is the story about what I chose, what I ignored, what the results of my choices were - and then sending oodles of love and compassion to ourselves for those choices. You know why? If it's a story about me, and what I chose, then it means that I can make different choices going forward. If it's a story about what someone else did, I can't do anything about that. I have zero control in that arena.

What any of my exes or ex-friends did or didn't do, doesn't matter one iota anymore. What matters is, "Why did I tolerate it?". Because that's the question that can bring great change into my life, when I figure out the answer, and heal that place - when I heal the place inside of me that allows harmful people into my life.

No one can project any energy into my life, unless I give them head space or heart space. I have to open the door for their energy to come in. The minute I shut that down, I shut down telling a story about what they did, who they are, and I start telling a story about me, my life, my choices, my success or failure - I am EMPOWERED. I am EMPOWERED to make different choices. I am EMPOWERED to heal any spots inside of me that lack self-forgiveness. I am EMPOWERED to show compassion to my every mistake, and to my every successful move forward.

My story isn't a story about what other people did to me. My story is a story about how I overcome obstacles, how I persevered through difficulties, how I struggled to become my authentic self. Any time I start talking about what people did to me, I am opening up the energetic door to my bubble, and I'm allowing them back into my space, back into my energy field, and the truth is, I refuse to do that, because they just aren't welcome here any more.

And that is how you get other people's energy out of your bubble. You take control. You empower yourself by looking at your own choices, so that you can adjust those choices if needed. You stop telling the old story of what they did wrong, and you start telling the story of how you are healing yourself.


Tracey Rogers ©

Dec 17, 2021