Jasper & Rose Amethyst Cluster

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Pink Amethyst is a Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakra stone. It opens you to love and guidance from your soul / higher self. It strengthens Divine Love and connection, while also strengthening intuition. This crystal helps with sleeping well, and with stopping nightmares. It will shift negative energy into positive. It is a protective stone. It dispels doubts in relationships. It relieves stress and anxiety. All amethysts are stones of sobriety and will assist with overcoming addictions and habits. This crystal will help with dissolving fears and phobias.
Polychrome Jasper is a wonderful Root & Sacral Chakra stone. It brings stability and balance. All jaspers are very nurturing. Polychrome Jasper brings a feeling of comfort and grounding. It can ignite feelings of exuberance or excitement, while bringing physical energy and vitality. it is a stone of passion, action and motivation. Have a project to complete or a goal to achieve? Polychrome Jasper is your stone!

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