Apophyllite and Stilbite Cluster

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Apophyllite is a Heart, Crown & Third Eye Stone. It is known as the 'crystal of Reiki healing'. It has a unique uplifting vibration. It brings relief from stress, tension, anxiety. It infuses the light body with high vibrational energy. As you continue to accelerate via the soul star chakra you can make contact with higher dimensional beings. It activates the Heart chakra and assists in being a channel of pure love. It enhances inner knowing. It brings self love, unconditional love, cosmic bliss and helps with connection to higher angelic galactic spiritual realms.

Stilbite is a Crown & Heart chakras and works well with Aries. Often found in combination with other high vibe stones. It is very loving and supportive, assists in all varieties of spiritual exploration and allows you to gently expand your awareness meditating with a high vibe. This stone is made softer and less forceful with the presence of stilbite acting as a cushion calming anger, frustration and mood swings. Helps with menopause and osteoporosis.

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