Black Labradorite, Angelite & Clear Quartz Bracelet 6MM

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Labradorite is in the same family as Rainbow Moonstone. It is a Crown & Third Eye Chakra stone. Labradorite is best known for being a stone of transformation. It enhances psychic and intuitive abilities, as well as personal will and imagination. A great stone for meditation. It is a stone of ascension, very calming, it dispels fears, and brings a feeling of perseverance. It instills trust in the Universe, faith in yourself. It will protect you from psychic attacks. It helps with all addictions, particularly quitting smoking. It helps us to release codependent traits. Physically it helps with emphysema and it increases metabolism.
Angelite is a stone that resonates with Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It is a stone best known for aiding in communication with angels, spirit guides, and other higher vibrational beings. It helps with astral travel, accessing our higher selves, facilitating telepathy and psychic channeling. This stone inspires creativity, and is excellent for self-expression, communication, and enhancing inner guidance. It turns fear into faith, dispelling anger and anxiety. It is helpful in gaining conscious awareness, making conscious, that, which is subconscious. It promotes healing, compassion, and assists with re-birthing. It brings about feeling states of peace and tranquility.
Quartz activates all chakras and is associated with all astrological signs. This crystal clears karmic history, increases psychic / intuitive skills, helps us find our purpose or feel purpose-full. Quartz unlock memories within the soul, helps with concentration. This is the keystone of healers. Quartz amplifies other stones. It attunes to the vibration of the person being healed. Quartz attracts angels, offers spiritual guidance, reduces stress. This crystal strengthens the immune system and kidneys. It assists with sleeping well.
If Tracey was stuck on a desert island and could only have one crystal with her, it would be quartz, because quartz assists with healing everything and anything.

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