Blue Tourmaline / Indicolite Pendants Sterling Silver

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Blue Tourmaline , also known as Indicolite, is very rare to find in jewelry. We are happy to have found a couple of these.
Indicolite blue tourmaline is a stone of peace and spirituality. It will lead us to exploring higher consciousness. Blue tourmaline assists with bringing old wounds to the surface to be healed, and it helps with deeper meditation. Blue tourmaline also helps us release emotional blocks and chords. This stone assists with clear self expression. It urges spiritual freedom and brings psychic awareness. This stone will help with psychic visions. It promotes service to others and humanity. A stone of fidelity, it encourages ethics and tolerance of the other. It brings a love of truth. This is a stone of peace, dissolving sadness. It blocks negative energies from sticking to us and because of this is an excellent stone for healers or people working with healing energies. This stone brings a deeper harmony between ourselves and Nature. It helps to overcome speech impediments.

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