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We have a few different sizes shown in this pic. They range from $27 to $66 depending on the size.
Cintamani, also know as "the wish stone", Saffordite (when found in a specific area of Arizona, which this is), Chintamani by Buddhists and Hindus. Cintamani is a very rare crystal. It is called a pseudo-tektite, because it is believed to have been formed in a similar fashion to Moldavite, however, the event(s) have not been proven without a doubt. It is a natural glass - it's formation is what is not fully proven. Legend and tradition states that is is from the Sirian star system. It is said to be a "gift from the skies".
Cintamani is a crystal that is associated with all Chakras - beyond the 7 most traditional chakras, and into the 12 chakra system, because it is such a high vibrational stone. The Buddhists and Hindus have been using this stone for a very long time, as they consider it to be a "wish fulfilling" stone. It is said by some to the equivalent of the Philosopher's Stone. This crystal brings feelings of peace and harmony within the self, and within relationships. Cintamani will align all chakras. It helps to make life pleasant and fulfilling. This crystal transmutes any energy into the energy of love, light and grace. It is a stone of prosperity and abundance.

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