Australian Opal Sterling Silver Ring Size 7

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Rings Size 4 through 10 are pictured in the picture, ring may vary slightly.
Opal is a crown chakra, throat chakra and heart chakra crystal. This stone helps bring joy to life. it is a stone of communication and a stone of creativity. Blue opal will help you to speak your mind with out fear of reprisal - free of fear and anxiety. It will help you to believe in yourself. Opal helps to attract like minded people. This is a very protective stone during shamanic journeying and astral travel. It is excellent for helping a person fall into hypnosis - which also makes it a great stone for deep meditation, trance, journeying etc. It will help you with any divination work. This is a stone that helps greatly during changing & transition and so is also a good stone for new beginnings. It will help improve memory and bring more clarity to thought. Physically, it helps with metabolism, absorbing iron and iron deficiency. It also helps with childhood illnesses.

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