Black Onyx Raven / Crow 3.25" - Stone Animal

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3.5 inch Black Onyx Crows / Ravens. Some have blue eyes, some red, some purple.
Onyx is a Root Chakra stone. It gives you strength and supports you during trials and difficulties. It will give you the strength and determination to control your own destiny. Offering stamina, steadfastness, and helping you to increase your self confidence, Onyx will also help you to gently receive and learn lessons. This is a stone that can assist with healing pas life trauma, and it will also help relieve fear and worry.



Raven symbolizes prophecy, insight, transformation, and intelligence. People with a raven spirit animal prefer quiet over noise and stillness over constant movement. Ravens in stories often act as psychopomps, connecting the material world with the world of spirits. The raven spirit animal tells you that with innovation and creative thinking, you can influence outcomes that affect the course of your life. Even if you feel emotional about a situation, remember to rely on the gift of your intellect to solve your problems. This is how you gain deeper intelligence and wisdom.

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