Tarot for Kids by Theresa Deed

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The future is waiting to be written by the strong, beautiful children of today. In a world in which things often feel out of control, isn't it nice for children to learn they have choices and can connect with their inner guidance? Tarot is a fantastic tool for teaching kids verbal and decision-making skills, how to set goals and move toward the outcome they want, and how to trust their instincts. With Tarot for Kids, children (ages 8 and up) are invited to narrate their own stories and find their power. As author Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady, reminds us: The cards tell a story, but you write the ending.
A few cards have been modified for this age group?for example, the death card is change, and the lovers card is friends. The guidebook has everything kids need to begin, including a brief history of tarot, the meanings of the cards, and how to perform readings. It also includes resources to help kids set goals, build friendships, adjust an attitude, and listen to their own inner wisdom.
Includes 78 cards and 96-page guidebook.

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